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Smash Burger - Moore
Smash Burger - Moore 2013-11-09 14:10:05 Michael Womack
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Michael Womack Reviewed by Michael Womack    November 09, 2013

It's a Smash


Good Points

Brand new location in Moore. Two van-accessible spaces - clearly marked - with easy access to front door. Very open floor plan with lots of chair-height tables available. The restroom is designed to be used by one person at a time. There is both a toilet and a urinal inside so you shouldn't have to wipe down the seat first. I asked one of the managers if it would be okay if someone in a chair or walker used the double exit doors instead of the single entry door and they said "Of course."
Bad Points

The handicapped spaces are not for this specific restaurant, but for the entire section of the strip mall so they are placed in the center of the section, not just in front of the restaurant. Plus there is a "patio" area in front of the restaurant that precludes additional parking spaces. The only thing inside I could find to "gig" was the trashcan placement in the bathroom. I mentioned to the manager I talked to that they might consider repositioning it.
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November 08, 2013
Chair height ordering counter. You can either buy a bottled pop out of the cooler right there or receive a glass and fill it yourself at the drink counter which is accessible as well. My wife ordered a Strawberry Shake and I got a Chocolate Malt and they brought these to us. The food was great (personally we liked it better than Five Guys) and loved the onion rings. All the staff we encountered were friendly and helpful. When you order you get a number which you put on your table and they bring the food to you.

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