Congratulations to WheelingAroundTown® founder Paul Cardin for receiving the 2013 George B. Lewis Advocacy Award as the Outstanding Oklahoma City citizen with a disability from the OKC Mayor's Committee on Disability Concerns!!!


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Thanks for stopping by.  My name is Paul Cardin and I’ve spent the last 9 years in a wheelchair.  My major gripes are not related to mobility issues but rather to accessibility issues.  More specifically, to the accessibility of restaurants.

My wife and I love to eat out.  (Well, I love and she likes.)  But the unknown adventure of restaurant accessibility will inevitably lead to choosing the tried and true rather than the new.

Thus, this site.  My hope is that those of us with disabilities can find enough information here to feel good about trying new restaurants.

Bear in mind that all reviews (food, accessibility or otherwise) are always subjective.  And that is certainly the case here.  I have approached the grading issue from the standpoint (sit point) of a person in a wheelchair without assistance.  Obviously, someone in an accessible van with a power chair would not find things as difficult as I do.

Please note that this site will not provide food reviews of restaurants.  We have included links to several very good food review sites.

Also, an important note: We will not be criticizing restaurants and we will not be trying to uncover violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act. We will simply be providing information so that the disabled can make informed choices.

Also, another important note: If you have had ANY experience with the restaurants we review, PLEASE leave your comments.  We want this site to be a discussion site as well as an information site.

Again, thanks for stopping by.

Disclaimer:  The guy in the wheelchair is not me.