"Keep up your great work for people with disabilities, Paul."

Sincerely, Pam Henry, Chair, Oklahoma City Mayor's Committee on Disability Concerns


"As an Oklahoma State Representative, each year I pass (or try to pass) a bill championing the rights of people with disabilities. WheelingAroundTownˢᵐ is a breakthrough website for families with disabilities needs.
Now, we have a place that informs us of how restaurants have made, or not made, their establishments accessible to the disability community. Now, we have a place to go before we have a place to go!"

Paul Wesselhoft, State Representative


"WheelingAroundTownˢᵐ provides an excellent opportunity for disabled seniors to find services without searching the internet for hours. What a great idea to reach those in need!"

Patty Gorczyca, Community Action Agency of Oklahoma City and Oklahoma/Canadian Counties



"WheelingAroundTownˢᵐ is a great website that anyone who is in a wheelchair or has a loved one in a wheelchair needs to take a look at. There is nothing more frustrating that when you want to go somewhere & enjoy a meal only to find out when you get there that the restaurant is not very accessible for someone in a wheelchair. This website will let you look ahead of time to see what that restaurant is like so you can be prepared for what you will find & to determine if you really want to go there or not. There is also a way that you can submit a review for places that you have visited. This will help make sure that you enjoy that meal out. Take a look now WheelingAroundTown.com."

Tina Singleton, Right Choice Personal Assistance