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Abuelo's Mexican Food Embassy
Abuelo's Mexican Food Embassy 2014-02-03 20:04:59 Michael Womack
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Michael Womack Reviewed by Michael Womack    February 03, 2014

A Friendly Embassy


Good Points
A total of 5 van-accessible handicapped spaces in front of building. Very open floorplan. Wide aisles. Lots of table/chair setups. Very accessible restroom. Great food. Friendly staff. Outdoor seating area.
Bad Points
The only thing I could really find to gig them on is the threshold on the outer door. It was rather high; although it looked like it might have tape on it so it may have just been a repair issue. You could still get front wheels over it, but it might take a bit more pressure than normal. Not a lot of waiting area inside for a busy night but there is outdoor seating where you could wait.
Date Visited
January 17, 2014
I liked how there were four side-by-side van-accessible spaces right in front of the door (two Take-N-Go spaces nearby marked as such) PLUS another space across the front drive for a total of 5 spaces. Lots of manuevering room inside. Plenty of table/chairs setups. Easy access to restrooms and very accessible inside the restroom. I love the tile and dark wood and the coat hook on the handicapped door was down low where it needs to be. Excellent menu choices. I had a dynamite house margarita. We love their cheese queso.
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