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Schlotzsky's Deli - Quail Springs
Schlotzsky's Deli - Quail Springs 2013-03-13 21:35:20 James
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James Reviewed by James    March 13, 2013

Funny name, serious accessibility.


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September 07, 2012
There are two disabled parking spaces in front of the restaurant with a loading zone between them. There are curbs on either side of the two spaces together. The loading zone meets the sidewalk with no curb. The sidewalk inclines gradually to meet the front double doors. Perfect so far.

After entering the restaurant, there is enough space around you to spin about with your arms outstretched before you get to the low ordering/pay counter. The low-set drink station is to the left. There are many low tables to choose and some low booths. And two higher tables. There is quite a mess of seating area, but most of it is accessible with general ease. You can also eat on the patio if you'd like.

There is a wide hall to the restrooms, at the end of which you meet the men's room. Door is not too heavy. Installations are all low height. Stall door swings out and has a good handle to close with. There are two well-placed grab rails. Soap and towel dispenser reachable from wheelchair.

Perfect. Really perfect. These people obviously strive to do everything well, not just make great sandwiches. Maybe the sourdough just went to my head, but I can't think of more accessibility conscious restaurant than Schlotzsky's. And, of course, they have a drive-through if you just don't feel like marvelling at the thought that went into the rest of the design.

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