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Big Truck Tacos
Big Truck Tacos 2012-08-17 22:15:36 Paul Cardin
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Paul Cardin Reviewed by Paul Cardin    August 17, 2012

Chase the Truck


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To go drive through window.
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Only two tables on the inside. If crowded, can't move around because of the order lane. Order at high counter.
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August 17, 2012
This place is as much of an institution as we have around here. It's the actual taco home of the famous Big Truck and it's a converted drive in restaurant. In fact, most everything is converted and adapted.

The one Disabled Parking spot is in front of what used to the the front door. The front door is now on the west and it was almost certainly an exit in the old days. There is no Disabled Parking sign on a post.

Technically, you can get from your car to the front door without entering into a traffic lane. Technically. But if somebody was a little careless or a little drunk, you'd be exposed. But....technically....

The front entrance is level with the parking so there is no need of a ramp.

The front door is as easy as front doors get. Once the inside, you order and pay at a too high counter. Newer restaurants have guided order lanes rather than chaotic crowds. They call your name when your order is ready. It sort of resembles the trading floor of a stock exchange.

There are only two inside tables that are accessible. All the others are bar stool tables. Trendy, but....

When the crowd clears, there is an easy path to the restrooms. The restroom door is easy to open and it can stay open when you enter and exit. There are grab bars and reachable TP. And plenty of room. Interestingly, there is a mirror the size of a picture hanging on the wall over the wash basin. It's eye level for a 6 ft man. Quaint. One corner of the restroom is used for storage. It doesn't get in the way, however. The restroom door does not appear to be self-closing.

Overall, it was a slightly uneasy experience eating here. Maybe I'm just too old. But I'd rather chase the truck.

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