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Old School Bagel Edmond
Old School Bagel Edmond 2012-07-24 16:52:10 Paul Cardin
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Paul Cardin Reviewed by Paul Cardin    July 24, 2012

A+ for this Old School


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Great Bathroom
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Winding order lane.
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May 26, 2012
What a difference a landlord can make. While the North OKC Old School Bagel suffers from insufferable Disabled Parking spots, the Edmond S. Broadway location shines.

Everything’s up to date in Kansas City and in the Edmond Exchange Shopping Center. The Disabled Parking spots are very close to the front of the restaurant and in perfect condition. Ramps and cut outs are in perfect condition. And plenty of room in front of the door.

Inside you go through an order line. I went through in my wheelchair with no problems. You have to look up to the menu above and behind the order counter though. And the order counter is high. The pay counter, though, is easily accessible.

There is a drink and accessories stand which requires at least one spare hand. Best to have a friend bring your drink to the table, but I’ll bet a friendly wait person would help.

There was plenty of room to move around in my chair and plenty of accessible tables with good spacing. The path to the bathroom was obstructed by a table and there was just enough room. On the way out I did have to move a chair at one of the tables to get clearance. But I’d be willing to move two chairs to get to the nearly perfect bathroom.

The bathroom door was hydraulic, but easily opened. It should be the model for all bathroom doors. Inside it was single occupancy with plenty of room. There was a movable TP dispenser and 3 grab bars. I was so excited to see such a fine bathroom, I forgot to take notes and had to go back in.

A great place to visit and you might want to live there.

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