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Abuelo's Mexican Food Embassy
Abuelo's Mexican Food Embassy 2012-07-01 13:46:11 Paul Cardin
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Paul Cardin Reviewed by Paul Cardin    July 01, 2012

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Disabled Parking spots are hard to find at lunch time.
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June 03, 2011
We've eaten often at Abuelo's. Mostly because it is so wheelchair friendly.

The only thing I would warn about is the timing of your visit. Abuelo's offers senior pricing for lunch. And even though there are many disabled parking spots at the front of the restaurant, those spaces fill up fast with seniors. If you can, plan on a late lunch.

For the record, it's easy to get in and all the aisles are roomy. And that means you can get to the bathroom without any trouble.

About the bathroom. I've only been in it once in our many trips. And that one time was some time ago. I don't remember any problem. And I would remember that. And all else is wheelchair friendly, so I don't think there could be much wrong other than a heavy bathroom door.

We'll go back soon and revisit the bathroom with a review in mind. And if any reader has information, we'd be happy to update our review. Until then, enjoy.

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