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Earl's Rib Palace Edmond
Earl's Rib Palace Edmond 2013-11-30 14:48:01 Michael Womack
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Michael Womack Reviewed by Michael Womack    November 30, 2013

It's a Palace


Good Points
Great food. Friendly staff. Separate structure with it's own parking lot. Walkway is barely above the level of the parking lot. Short hallway to restrooms. Lots of chair-height tables in main dining room. You order at a lowered counter, then everything else is handled by the wait staff.
Bad Points
There was almost nothing I could find to complain about. If I was pressed for something I did notice that the threshold between the inner main dining room and the outer dining ring had a rather high threshold that COULD be an issue for a chair; however that would ONLY come into play if all the tables in the main room were full.
Date Visited
November 29, 2013
While taking pictures in the Mens Room there was a young man there already. I advised him what I was doing and he was very intrigued by it and was interested. Turns out he is a Manager at that store. I presented the card to him directly and he said he would check in a couple days. He said that they get quite a few elderly patrons in that store and they always do whatever they can to assist.

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