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Five Guys Burgers - Moore
Five Guys Burgers - Moore 2013-11-28 14:59:29 Michael Womack
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Michael Womack Reviewed by Michael Womack    November 28, 2013

What a Bunch of Guys!


Good Points

Very accessible. Street level sidewalk - no ramp or cutout needed. Double doors on left, single door on right, single in back. Threshold strip is not raised. All tables are chair height, lots of maneuvering room. Friendly employees. Good food. Wide, but not heavy, door to single occupant restroom with lever-style door. Dispensers are lowered and both sink and towel dispenser are automatic.
Bad Points
The ONLY bad point I could determine is that while drink stations are on the same lowered counter as the pickup window they are high enough that the taps MIGHT be difficult for some to reach; however all the employees I encountered were friendly and I believe would help in any way they could.
Date Visited
November 27, 2013
I was happy to find such an accessible location in Moore. There are only two handicapped spaces for the entire strip mall (which also contains the only Schlotzsky's in the area) so during peak hours it might be difficult to find an open space in the front. There is additional and plentiful parking in the rear of the building; however there are no cutouts or ramps back there.

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