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Hideaway Pizza Edmond
Hideaway Pizza Edmond 2013-11-22 14:20:30 Michael Womack
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Michael Womack Reviewed by Michael Womack    November 22, 2013

Hide Away


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Excellent food. Great service. Lots of chair-friendly tables. Family friendly environment.
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Due to the limitations of the strip-mall where it is located, this is NOT a chair-friendly location. Perhaps another location would be a better choice. Though the parking spaces are rated high, they are over 100 feet and downhill from the front entrance. Access to the restrooms is restricted due to a raised floor and a rubber mat. Though there is an emergency exit but it opens to a landing that is above street level with no ramp, steps only.
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November 17, 2013
I make this review with a heavy heart because Hideaway is one of my favorite spots. I was at this location back in 2012 when I was in a chair and it was VERY difficult going to the restroom. There is an access hallway between the waiting area and the dining room but it is just wide enough for a chair with maybe a few inches clearance on either side. Which can be a problem when there are other people in the hallway or sitting on the benches waiting on their To Go orders. Everyone has to get up and move in order for a chair to make it all the way through. I should also mention that there IS one handicapped parking spot at the other end of the parking lot near the UCO Jazz Lab that has a sign and a cutout and is uphill from Hideaway, plus there are a couple spots across the street which are actually for Stephenson Park but could be used; however there is no curb cutout across from those spaces so someone would have to help you up over the curb in front of the front entrance or you'd have to access from one of the cutouts on that side of the street. I have also been to the Hideaway Pizza location near downtown OKC and it is a lot more chair-friendly.

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Michael Womack
November 23, 2013
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The 1st pic above is the two parking spots nearest the restaurant - NO SIGNS. The 3rd pic is the cutout area itself - the restaurant would be to the right. The 5th pic is looking uphill from the cutout towards the entrance. Directly in front of this shot is the Emergency Exit that is above street level. The 2nd pic is the Emergency Exit from the restaurant - no ramp. The 7th pic is from directly in front of the Emergency Exit looking uphill towards the entrance. The man on the bench is sitting just in front of the entrance. The four empty spaces directly in front of the entrance is for Pickup Orders only and there is no cutout. Pic #4 is the entrance door to the building - opens outward and the bench and the brick wall could restrict movement. If you look through the glass you will see the double open doors to the restaurant itself. Pic #6 is just inside the double entry doors in the waiting area - the opening between the bench and the counter is the opening to the restrooms - in the back is the access hallway to the dining room. Pic #8 is looking from the dining room back towards the waiting room - the girls are sitting in the waiting area - just this side of the girls is where you'd turn left to go to the restrooms. Pic #9 is the entrance to the restrooms. In the lower-left corner of the pic is the raised floor with the rubber mat on top of it. Pic #12 is standing just inside the restroom door looking towards the stall - sink area would be immediately to the right. Pic #11 is the sink area - dispensers are not very chair-friendly. The last pic is standing next to the toilet looking at the door to the stall. No coat hook. The baby-changing station would be to the right. Pic #10 is from just inside the stall door towards the toilet itself. Plenty of maneuvering space.
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