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N D Foods
N D Foods 2013-11-14 20:49:22 James
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James Reviewed by James    November 14, 2013

N Deed


Good Points
Great ramp on west end, many disabled spots and van accessible, low ordering counter with menus, perfect restroom
Bad Points
No disabled parking signage, horrible and dangerous east ramp, difficulty navigating inside if crowded, trashcans impeding course to restroom
Date Visited
November 14, 2013
This is in the same stripmall as Johnnie's. It's a busy place. While there are many disabled parking spots, I did not see one sign. The spots are painted, though. They are also likely to be taken by nondisabled as it is a busy place and there is no signage. There are several spots in the lot that require crossing the traffic lane and journeying in traffic to the one functional ramp. There are a few spots against the sidewalk that will still require journeying in traffic to the one functional ramp.

This is another case of a stripmall landlord effecting the reviews of the individual establishments. The east ramp is no more than a bump of asphalt pushed up almost to the curb. I'd rather it not be there at all than in it's current state. It's dangerous to attempt traversing it in a chair or with a walker. Don't. The west ramp is perfect.

Once you get past the risky obstacles to the front door of N D Foods, your troubles are mostly over. There are double doors with a slight bump to the threshold. Inside navigation is decent with evenly spaced tables. Tables look good to pull a chair up to. There is little room to spare, so if it's crowded or you need a place to park a walker you might be in a jam. But the ordering counter is low and has paper menus on it if you don't want to strain your neck to look up at the board.

Access to the restrooms is impeded by the placement of trashcans. If you can move them or squeeze past, there is plenty of room in the short hallway to enter the wide doors of the separate Men's or Women's single occupancy restrooms. Inside is perfect. Plenty of room. Low installations of tp, towels, soap, and sink. Grabrails. And a lightweight wide door with a lever handle when you're ready to leave.

If I were rating their Rueben, they'd get 5 stars. If I were rating just inside the restaurant it would be close to 5 stars. But this stripmall they're in needs work.

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